Office Overview

The mission of the Strategic Management Office is to understand objectively the costs and impact of Tokyo Tech’s education and research, examine and propose policies that efficiently and effectively utilize the Institute’s resources, enhance Tokyo Tech’s teaching, learning, and research through heightened Institute-wide awareness of university management activities, and ultimately, contribute to the creation of knowledge and development of professionals that generate impact in society.

Duties of office

Tokyo Tech must continue to identify clearly the costs and impact of leading education and research, and strategically deploy its resources based on these findings. The duties of the Strategic Management Office include multifaceted analysis of education and research-related costs and effects, and collection and utilization of this data as evidence. By doing so, the office can heighten cost awareness among all Tokyo Tech members and allocate resources accordingly, making way for more strategic management of the Institute. This, in turn, will allow the Institute to define priorities clearly and secure additional research time for faculty members and researchers. With the goal of creating a more stable yet agile university management system, the Strategic Management Office is also tasked with identifying knowledgeable and capable employees for managerial positions, training continuously those employees who show interest in future university management, and seeking to develop ties with university management professionals outside the Institute.

Member (as of March 31, 2021)

Position Name
Head of office (Provost, Executive Vice President for Institute Strategy): Isao Satoh
Assistant to head of office (professor) Shingo Ebata
Assistant to head of office (professor) Masao Mori
Office staff (specially appointed associate professor) Kyoko Anegawa
Office staff (specially appointed associate professor) Yasuhiro Isobe
Office staff (specially appointed associate professor) Tetsuya Oishi
Office staff (specially appointed instructor) Shotaro Imai
Office staff (specially appointed expert) Shigeki Uekusa
Office staff (technical support staff) Toshie Tanaka
Office staff (specifically assigned technical staff) Rika Onodera
Office staff (administrative support staff) Nami Hayakawa
Office staff (concurrently Head of Planning and Evaluation Division) Masashi Sato
Office staff (concurrently Head of Human Resources Division) Yuko Mitsuhashi
Office staff (concurrently Head of Budget Division) Hitoshi Shioya